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New Spots

  • Plemont

    The most beautiful beach in Jersey

  • Fichtelsee

    nice spot for distance swimming. highest lake i...

  • RMD-Kanal

    nice swimming spot for distance swimming. swimm...

  • Hainbad

    beautiful lido with occasional stronger current...

Popular Spots

  • River Mole

    Park near bridge in the rough car park or very carefully on the quiet lo...

  • Hohenwartestausee

    24k crossing from retaining dam Ludwigshütte (near Ziegenrück) to large ...

  • Rund um Bamberg

    11k swimming round beautiful Bamberg. there are 2 short shore leaves. ca...

  • green buoy

    from tokeneke club to green buoy half way out to lighthouse

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