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Being one of those people who embraces change a little too much, never wanting to go to the same place twice I embarked on a photographic documentation of the Llyns of Snowdonia a year or so ago. I am a swimmer with little interest in distance, times, nor temperatures, so I embarked on a journey with no rules, purely wanting to explore all the bodies of water in the hills.

I have just passed my 100th swim / dip / exploration. I use that term because on occasion I reach some lakes and coin the phase ‘not all lakes are lovely’, I mean who wants to ‘swim’ in in 6 inches of stinking, stagnant swamp water? But that said I may dip my feet, there is also something wonderful about feeling the silkness of churned up mulch between your toes.

Here’s a few of my favourites, they get that status for many reasons. Some have that gin, clear infinity or luscious blue Mediterranean water, others I have memories of beautiful play of light, feisty waves in in the fine Welsh weather or even just great company!

Vivienne Rickman-Poole


Swims in this collection

  1. Afon Llan, Watkins Pools, Snowdonia

    WOW wow wow wow is all I can say about this place. Looked at it on a dull day last year and didn't do it...

  2. Llyn D'ur Arddu, Snowdonia

    Access gained via the Llanberis Path to this crystal clear turquoise and azure blue lake. A popular spot for local climbers. More info http://viviennerickmanpoole.tumblr.com/post/55074140695/swimming-in-fairy-heaven-no-5-swimsnowdonia

  3. Llyn y Cwn, Snowdonia

    Set in an amazing location, with infinity pool views of Pen y Ole Wen and Y Garn this high mountain lake is sat at the...

  4. Llyn Conglog, Snowdonia

    Remote and isolated lake.

  5. Llyn Cau, Snowdonia

    A beautiful crystal clear blue lake on Cadar Idris. Access via the Minffordd path which is fairly steep straight out the carpark. More info http://viviennerickmanpoole.tumblr.com/post/95675722165/an-emptiness-that-makes-me-smile-from-ear-to-ear

  6. Llynnau Diwaunydd, Snowdonia

    There are plenty of mountain lakes and rivers to enjoy an impromptu skinny-dip among spectacular scenery in Snowdonia. Llynau Diwaunydd stands out as a remote...

  7. Llyn Clogwyn Brith, Snowdonia

    Dark, cauldron like lake, nestled in rocky outcrops up above Cwmorthin. An old dam gives it a wonderful feel of a mountain infinity pool. More...

  8. Llyn Bochlwyd, Snowdonia

    Also know as map of Australia Lake, this is a popular spot with walkers stopping off on their way down from Tryfan. It's a good...

  9. Llyn Glas, Snowdonia

    Last of the three lakes on the Western slopes of Snowdon. Beautiful deep pool of blue hues, more info http://viviennerickmanpoole.tumblr.com/post/90944338585/end-of-an-amazing-day-lake-33-swimsnowdonia

  10. Llyn Nadroedd, Snowdonia

    One of three lakes in Cwm Clogwyn on the Western slopes of Snowdon. Remote spot, rewarded with turquiose hued crystal clear water. More info...

  11. Llynnau Cwm Silyn, Snowdonia

    One of the most beautiful locations in Snowdonia, fairly easy access with limited parking spaces at the end of a track. More info... http://viviennerickmanpoole.tumblr.com/post/90547969510/haunting-beauty-lake-30-swimsnowdonia-llynnau

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