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This is a collection of maelstrom swims created by me Calum Hudson and my 2 brothers Robbie and Jack, together we make up the Wild Swimming Brothers. These are the 7 biggest maelstroms in the world, on 4 different continents and 6 countries, we aim to be the first people to swim all 7, we swam 1,2 and 3 on the list and are taking on Te Aumiti this year.

Maelstroms are bodies of water where the currents swirl, whirlpools form, opposing tides clash, vortexes spiral down to the abyss and powerful eddies rage.

If you've swam the Corryvreckan you need to get these swims on your list.

DO NOT attempt without thorough research, training, preparation and an expert ship captain.

Watch the video below for our first 3 swims across the Corryvreckan, Moskstraumen and Saltstraumen;


And if you'd like to see what it's like to get sucked backwards by a whirlpool while swimming check out the video below;


Check out our site for more tips;


Please get in touch if you'd like any advice on attempting on these swims.


Calum Hudson


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