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Water's buoyancy can be so enabling by supporting a body's weight even if limbs or other bits don't work so well. The biggest barrier to outdoor swims can sometimes be getting in and out of the water. So I wanted to highlight outdoor swims that are more accessible - firstly to try and help people looking for accessible swims to find them, secondly to encourage awareness of and support for making more of our outdoor swims accessible. Accessibility is different for different people. Some people can manage getting out of a wheelchair and dragging their butt over sand to reach the water. On the other hand I have a friend who hates to drag themselves over sand and would much rather lower themselves off steps into the water. With the help of friends it can be possible to leave prosthetics or wheelchairs on the side and be carried or assisted in hopping to the water. Things like beach wheelchairs that can cope with sand and hoists to get in and out of the water can make it a lot easier. So here is where I am starting to collect together outdoor swims that are a little easier to access. Please do get in touch if you have put accessible swims on the map and would like them added to this collection too.

Email info (at) susannemasters.com

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Susanne Masters


Swims in this collection

  1. Floating pool and sauna

    A pool of clean water for swimming that floats in the Göta Älv River whose water quality is not yet good enough to swim. A...

  2. Bosphorus Cross-Continental Swim

    Race from Asia to Europe but do allow yourself to enjoy the incredible views. Disabled swimmers are allowed to have a helper travel with them...

  3. De Leon Springs

    A ramp and a lift in addition to stairs make Florida's gorgeous spring water easy to get in and out of. https://www.floridastateparks.org/park/De-Leon-Springs

  4. Sandbanks, Poole floating wheelchairs and wheelchair accessible beach

    5 beach accessible wheelchairs of which 3 can be used in the sea. Contact Sandbanks Beach Office giving 24 hours notice and a wheelchair can...

  5. Vortex spring

    Gorgeous water. Divers mostly head for the deep cave from which the spring wells up. Slides, swings and jumps in the shallower end. Decent...

  6. Portishead Lido facilities

    A range of accessible features including: - entrance has level entry - carers accompanying disabled swimmers have free entry - a fully compliant disabled changing room suit that...

  7. Clevedon Lake

    There is ramped access to the lake. Stephen, who has been there with friends who helped him transition from chair to water, said, " A...

  8. Ichetucknee Head Spring

    On returning to one of my favourite swimming spots I saw they have added a hoist/chair. Which makes it about the most accessible really wild...

  9. North Berwick beach wheelchairs

    Beach wheelchairs are available for free use on the beach. Ring 0300 111 2112 or email info(at)beachwheelchairs.org in advance to arrange use. See their...

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