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In June 2017 I swam in a different location every single day. Sometimes dips, sometimes distance. Some swims were magical! Some were rubbish!

I also made a short film - one shot every day:


Calum Maclean


Swims in this collection

  1. Loch Ness, Dores

    With nicely shallow entry points all around the edge of Loch Ness, the only thing that's likely to keep swimmers out is fear of monsters...

  2. LOCH Moy

    Loch Moy, a beautiful calm gem. Not the deepest so not too cold. Swim out to the island and explore the ruins, and old tower. Park...

  3. Laig Bay

    Beautiful sandy beach. Long and shallow. Lots of sand to play on when the tide is out. Best to swim as the...

  4. Loch Dughaill

    Typical peaty loch. Easy access by walking down from a parking spot on the road to a shingle beach. Fairly sudden drop off to deep...

  5. Silver Bridge

    First swim of 30 Days of Swummer. Park at the Little Garve carpark. A variety of pools in the river with many small falls and rocks....

  6. Nairn Beach

    NAIRN Beach New Year’s Day Swim Location: Golf View Hotel, IV12 4HD Time and Date: Registration from 1pm.  Swim starts at 2pm                              Description: The New Year will start...

  7. Loch Duntelchaig

    Park in long layby by east end of loch, then short walk along path to sheltered beach. Or walk along loch to many easy access...

  8. Loch Coire an Lochain (Cairn Lochan)

    Beautiful clear water in a Coire. Beware snow and avalanches in winter, leaving debris in the loch. Cold, calm.

  9. Loch Bunachton

    More of a fishing loch. Part off the road by gate on B861. Follow track through forest - gets muddy and messy. Rocky entrance. Often...

  10. Loch a' Choire

    Beautiful loch with huge rock face, surrounding trees and small sandy beach. Easy access. Park off road, making sure to leave gate free. Walk up...

  11. Loch Farr

    Beautiful small loch by quiet road. Calm, sheltered, surrounded by trees. Easy access, mininal parking - by old forestry track 100m up the road.

  12. Dulsie Bridge

    Fun swimming and jumping, large pools underneath bridge. Nice waterfall and rocks to jump off. Parking area beside bridge

  13. Loch na Curra

    Basically a fishing loch! Barely deeper than 5/6 feet. Long wade out to deep water. Very disappointing, not recommended

  14. Silver Sands of Morar

    Beautiful long estuary beach where the river Morar meets the sea. Clear water, pale sand. Easy access with a car park to hand. Play on the...

  15. Galmisdale Bay

    Shallow, calm harbour on the island-side of the causeway. Fun for snorkelling and occasional seals. Putting feet or hands down can result in air trapped...

  16. Loch Shieldaig

    Swim to the island or just enjoy the lovely clear water of the bay. When the tide is out can be a long-ish walk over...

  17. Tanera Beag, Summer Isles

    Multiple points to swim around the islands. I only managed one dive off the rocks, lots of seaweed to see, fascinating rocks and natural arches...

  18. Loch an Eoin Ruadha

    Generally a fishing loch. Shallow, with a long walk to deep water. Not recommended other than a quiet cold water fix.

  19. Isle Ristol

    Beautiful calm gentle beach, with easy access. A sheltered bay with lots of snorkelling possibilities due to abundant sealife and seaweed!

  20. Loch Beinn Tighe

    The most incredible views down north-west end of the loch. 2 hills dip down and if you angle it correctly, the conical peak of Askival...

  21. Loch a' Chlachain

    Meaning "Loch of the churchyard/hamlet". Old historic church nearby. Small calm loch, where the bank drops off quickly. Park at Loch Duntelchaig layby and walk back. Occasional...

  22. Loch Bà

    Not a great swim. Loch is very reedy, muddy and shallow. Walk a mile along north-east shore of loch to reach deeper water. Beautiful surrounding landscape,...

  23. Loch Beinn a Mheadhoin

    Forestry Car Park half way along loch good access to water

  24. Lochindorb

    Great Loch with an Island with castle in the middle which you can explore. Beach end with shallow water suitable for children and leisure. 1...

  25. Loch A'on (Loch Avon)

    A truely remote Loch at 750 meters in a stunning location underneath Ben Macdui. So remore it is ideal for a skinny dip with a...

  26. Loch Achilty

    The water here is very calm and it's a very quiet spot. Getting there is easy, as it is very well signposted, after Achilty Forest

  27. Loch Achonachie

    Loch loch in a quiet, scenic glen. Dammed, with several power stations on loch. Parking possible by station, access to loch then by scrambling/walking down riverbank. Occasional...

  28. Unnamed kettlehole

    Unpleasant. Didn't know until I tried. Scenic little lochan but very muddy, reedy, thick sludge and shallow. You will come out muddy. Very little through flow,...

  29. Falls of Orrin

    Lovely deep pool by the bottom of several small waterfalls, on which a small hydro scheme exists. Swim from the pool up the gorge to...

  30. Plodda Falls

    Just wow... Cannot think how else to sum up how awesome this spot is. The main waterfall is 46m with another smaller fall at...

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