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I am to collate all clear-water quarry swims. They don't have to be blue, but they do have to be deep flooded quarries filled with clear(ish) water. Please try to get hold of me on facebook "Owen Haeman" or "Owen Georgg Yahman" if you know any places that should be in the collection.

Owen Haeman


Swims in this collection

  1. Fair Nook Quarry

    An amazing clear-blue water quarry hidden away and sheltered from the wind even on a stormy day. Take your goggles as the water is near...

  2. Middle Peak Quarry

    An amazing dis-used quarry owned by Tarmac. Entry by trespass only. The site has a perimeter fence and occasionally security staff to turn people away...

  3. Dorothea Quarry

    Clear blue water, 90 metres deep at points. Large quarry very popular with scuba divers. Easy access to the water via the slipway and parking...

  4. Gullet Quarry

    Swimming not allowed but certainly done

  5. Waterswallows Quarry

    Deep and very clear blue water in this disused basalt quarry. A really good swim. It is private land and access is by trespass only...

  6. Old Meldon Quarry

    This is easily one of the best swim places we've ever found and we can't believe it's not already on here! The water is a...

  7. Blue Lagoon

  8. Wainwrights Quarry

    Turquoise water. No skin or eye complaints after and I do swim with my eyes open, so presumably the water pH is ok which can...

  9. Mancer Quarry

    Also known as the "The Secret Lagoon" or Glyn Rhonwy Quarry. This lake is private property - access by trespass only. Water is deep and...

  10. Foel Quarry

    Steep sided quarry pit with limited entry. Access is gained by a short, but steep scramble. Perhaps not for the faint hearted! More info http://viviennerickmanpoole.tumblr.com/post/93033062335/youre-not-swimming-in-that-are-you-lake-45

  11. Easdale Quarries

    Gaelic: Eilean Èisdeal. Name origin not clear. Easdale was at one time a key part of the thriving Argyll slate industry. Times change and the vast...

  12. Butch and Mungo's Blue Lagoon - an old quarry

    Thought we would nip in and check this out as it is close to one of our other dips over in Finningley. It'll not be...

  13. Vobster Quay diving centre

    There is a ramp into the water. A regular customer who uses a wheelchair accesses the water via the ramp with help from friends. ...

  14. Stainby Quarry

  15. Dosthill Quarry, near Tamworth

    Dosthill Quarry, near Tamworth, is a well-established national scuba diving lake. It is also open for open water swimming on Thursdays and Fridays from 12...

  16. Blue Pool

    Sometimes quiet, sometimes small numbers of people. Cold, deep, clear water. Idyllic spot when alone.

  17. Goldiggins Quarry

    Featured from the new book: Wild Guide to Devon, Cornwall and the South-West http://wildguide.net/wild-guide-book/ A secret, spring-fed quarry lake, out on the open moors but hidden in...

  18. Rosebush Quarry

    Walk up behind the row of cottages and drink in the splendour of nature's re-conquest of this beautifully overgrown old slate quarry.

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