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A collection of the swims that appeared in BBC ALBA's wild swimming series Dhan Uisge, with Calum Maclean.

Dhan Uisge came about as a result of my social media series "Wild Swimming in Scotland." I documented, in my own style, places at which I swim. Some of the videos were very popular, leading to a commission from BBC ALBA for a series of shorts.

Limitations of filming meant we were restricted to a degree but I tried to choose a location of every kind: rivers, lochs, beaches...even a cave!

I hope you enjoy visiting the spots: I hope some are new to you, and you pick up some Gaelic along the way! :)

Although it is not spoken today in the same number it once was, the fact that the vast majority of place-names are (bad!) anglicisations of Gaelic, lets you understand more about the land.

Dhan Uisge - roughly translates as Towards/Into Water.

Calum Maclean


Swims in this collection

  1. River Douchary Waterfall Pool

    Gaelic: Dubh-chàtharaigh/(Duchairidh.) "The black place of broken moor." The River Douchary is an unknown gem to most. There are several beautiful waterfalls, which end in refreshing...

  2. Loch Maree Islands

    Gaelic: Loch Ma-ruibhe. Named after St. Máelrubai, who founded one of the earliest monastic communities in Scotland at nearby Applecross in the 7th century. Inside Loch...

  3. Sanna Bay

    Gaeli: Bàgh Sanna. "Sand River" - originlly from Norse, like many coastal names in North-West Scotland. The Ardnamurchan Peninsula is as far west as you can...

  4. Easdale Quarries

    Gaelic: Eilean Èisdeal. Name origin not clear. Easdale was at one time a key part of the thriving Argyll slate industry. Times change and the vast...

  5. Loch Coruisk

    Gaelic: Loch Coire Uisge. The loch of the cauldron of the waters. The coire being the natural shape of the glen inside the hills -...

  6. Loch Lomond

    Gaelic: Loch Laomainn. "Beacon Loch" - nmed from the mountain. A collection of beautiful wooded islands. An easy-access loch for central Scotland, and something for everyone. Swim...

  7. Cuan Sound

    Gaelic: Caolas a' Chuain. The narrows of the bay/inlet - perhaps with reference to the area of sheltered sea between Torsa, Luing and Seil. Tick off...

  8. Loch Loyne lost road...

    Gaelic: Loch Loinne. Loch Loyne todays sits on what was the old main road to the isles. When the hydro schemes of the Highlands were built, man...

  9. Spar Cave

    Gaelic: Sloc an Altramain. The Nursing Cave - there is a story about a princess called Dounhuila who had a child with a man of...

  10. Soldier's Leap, River Garry

    Gaelic: Leum an t-Saighdeir, Abhainn Garaidh. Follow in the footsteps of the Redcoat soldier Donald McBain and leap over the river Garry. Don't leap over -...

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