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This hillside hot pot is the wilder alternative to Heydalur Hotel Hot Pot, on the opposite side of the river from the hotel.

Sat in a glacial valley and surrounded by boulders, dandelion clocks and clover. I visit it early one morning. There is snow on the ravines and voo-voo-voo birds singing. The pot is next to a changing hut tacked together from corrugated tin and wood, with a crate-for-a-porch. It has slumped and boughed, perhaps from the weight of recently melted winter snows, but the hangers inside and privacy it affords still make it a good if precarious place to change.

Found rocks circle the pool, delineating it from the hillside, and gravel has been put in the bottom. Other than that it feels wilder and more natural than most. Mosses drip on the poolside edge, and every now and then the gravel bubbles (sulphur?). Midges hover over the pool but do not bite, and in the morning quiet the only sound except for the voo-voo birds is water running all over the hills.

I sit in the pot with a thermos of tea, a view to the fjord and the neck of the valley. It’s wonderful stuff.

I come out cooked, which is just as well… There are two ways to this pot – by crossing the river (there are stepping stones) or by a track up the other side of the river to Heydalur hotel, and then a short walk when you can go no further. We’ve tried this the day before but rocks hit the cars undercarriage so we can’t make it. It’s been a long winter and the river hasn’t dropped yet, so this morning I’ve walked there and crossed through the icy river up to my knees and barefoot. It saps heat remarkably quickly so I emerge walking on thick pads of pins and needles. On the crossing back the river is running higher (regardless of it being 24 hour daylight, it still gets warmer as the day starts, so more snowmelt is coming down) and colder.

This is a crowd-sourced map. Abilities vary, and conditions change. Always assess risks for yourself before getting in.

Can be too hot a hot pot to actually get in....

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