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Klambragil is a hot river in an active geothermal field north of Hveragerdi (Hveragerði), about 45km southeast of Reykjavik - not far from Selfoss and the Golden Triangle route.

At the end of a gravel road there’s a carpark and a Hot River Café (I think that was what it was called), and from there a clear path up to the dippable part of the stream. My little son’s made it far enough up the hill to marvel at the steam rising out of cracks in the iron red earth, and a short pony drinking from the hot river.. but not far enough to find the dipping pools. So in the end we played by the troll bridge and in the river by the carpark – or 3 rivers, given one is cold, one is warm, and one is hot – and my husband Tim bounded up the hill about 3km for a dip. He returned 75 minutes later reporting a pleasant dip in a warm slightly milky stream, with algae (that’s code for a bit slimy) rocks underneath. He didn’t make it as far as the man bathing spot, but did find bubbling mud.

Lacking a 4WD our plans for swimming in the more famous hot river at Landmannalaugar were deferred to another time (heavy with tourists now we’ve heard, but still looks amazing), and Hveragerdi became the hot river of choice.

Please note I’ve dropped the pin in the carpark rather than in the river – as long as you find this spot then the path will lead you on to the bathing area.

This is a crowd-sourced map. Abilities vary, and conditions change. Always assess risks for yourself before getting in.

The water may be too hot!

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