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Description by Kate Rew on behalf of Outdoor Swimming Society

A popular river swimming spot in Somerset. Please tread lightly, pick up other people's rubbish as well as your own if you see any, and be aware that you are in a farmers field, there by the grace of his good nature and the presence of a footpath.

Please do not block any of his gates with your vehicles and show consideration for his hospitality: do not scorch the grass with barbecues, throw leftover food in the river (remove all waste with you) - or block his gates.

This is a wonderful swimming spot but it is popular - enjoy it, be thankful to the landowner for allowing access and leave no trace!

Description by Bac Lava who added this swim

A lovely, local swimming spot popular with kids.

Best accessed from the Wingfield Road (B3109) and then park at the top of the hill before the 'Unsuitable of Motors' sign. Walk to the bottom of the hill and take the footpath on the left.
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This is a crowd-sourced map. Abilities vary, and conditions change. Always assess risks for yourself before getting in.

There is a sign saying 'no swimming off wier' but swimming elsewhere does notappear to be prohibited.

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Swimmer descriptions

  • Added: 22/06/2014

    There is a lot of space on the grass verges on Vaggs Hill. From here there is a bridleway through the woods and along to the river. The way we went is along the path and down the hill to a kissing gate on the left, which leads to the river.

    Swimming only seems to be permitted above the weir. Below the weir, the water looks very shallow.

    We went for the first time today and found it to be very busy. As the water is deep, lots of people were jumping into the river from a tree stump. To the left of the tree stump seems to be the safest place to enter and exit the river, although we did see a lot of people using the weir.

    • Submerged objects

    This is a crowd-sourced map. Abilities vary, and conditions change. Always assess risks for yourself before getting in.

    This river is very deep. It does shallow out to around 50 cm as you approach the weir.

    While I didn't come across any submerged objects, there is a sign that advises swimmers to be careful of submerged objects.

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