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A study in water and green when we went in July (Icelandic summer). This is a stunning 28x10m pool in a mountainous valley. One side of the pool is a cliff, the other drops down into a gravel river valley.

It takes 10-40 minutes to walk there from a parking spot at the end of a gravel road, rock hopping all the way along the Laugara river and it’s black sand beaches.

It’s a peaceful, joyful, uncontrolled place, and the water when the sun hits is a green as spring grass. Above are snowcapped mountains and a melt flow river falling down a gully in stages.

There are changing rooms – “a bit disgusting” underfoot observed Jack, 3, but still great for changing and hanging up clothes, and then it’s all about wallowing in the pool. The water is warm and you are likely to be seduced enough by it to stay in until you are wrinkled. We started off saying ‘no jumping’ because of the concentration of algae in the pool, and then gave in and a full hour of jumping commenced… the boys were joined by adults doing somersaults, and all the while one bather read her book as she wallowed, propped up on the pool edge.

No lifeguards, no rules – except, perhaps, be friendly to other bathers and take away all of your own litter (and perhaps anyone else’s if it exists).
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